Saturday, September 7, 2013

splash pans/ building trust

I finally got the rear bumper on the single cab secured. I needed the proper hardware and the rear bumper requires two "splash pans" that secure the ends of the bumper to the body. The splash pans came with the bumper luckily as the truck pressed bumper has a different contour to match the shape of the body and these bumpers are hard to come by with the pans intact. I got everything tightened up and the bumper is rock solid. I even decided to adjust the clutch and tighten the shifter while I was at it. It's nice to have a clean garage to be able to work on things. I love laying on the painted concrete to work on things. I have a short in the turn signal circuit that I need to fix, but I'm inching more closely to having everything ironed out. It's funny how you imagine things being when you're early into a project. I always imagined driving this thing around all over the place once I had an engine in it, but when that time comes you realize all of the little piddly things that have to be addressed before you strand yourself out on the road. I think it's also something to do with your confidence in your own wrenching. It takes some guts to take off in or on something that you put together yourself and to trust your own skills. If you missed something, you can find yourself stranded with fried wiring, toasted wheel bearings, a missing spacer, or a blown engine. I learned this early from pushing a Harley Sprint up my gravel driveway multiple times. On the other hand, if it's "all right" then you start to build a strong relationship with that hunk of metal and you truly are connected with that object because you know every last inch of it. You gain confidence in the object, and at the same time start to trust your skills more and more. There's always going to be a "tweaking" period, but it's getting over the hump of " starting to trust". I think I'm inching closer to this and then I'll get the single cab on the road for real. Just need some time to warm up to the thought...

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