Monday, April 13, 2015

Wednesday, March 25, 2015

bella and gary wetzel

Steve Stollenwerk shared this story with me today when we were hanging out in the DCRL. I wasn't aware of this story but Jill and I watched it tonight. We shed more than a tear or two over this.

spa device

I finally took some decent images of the SPA Device that Bryan, Chad, Emily, Aaron, Mike, Cherise, and Jon made as a part of our DCRL summer work a few summers ago. Maybe this will help some of us who are putting their portfolios together.

metals 15

Sara's goggles from Intro to Industrial Craft were selected for the front of the Metals 15 postcard. Come by Kenilworth on April 16th if you want to see some of the work that our students at UWM are  creating.

/2 frame and /5 tins

Ed from Chicago dropped off his /2 frame last week. I'm welding one of the sidecar mounts, some solo seat tabs, and the earls brace for his conversion bike. Maybe this will motivate me to get my various tabs and things welded on my slash 2 conversion. Ed was so kind to give me a set of /5 fenders and the large capacity fuel tank. He is building a second BMW "special" and doesn't need these components so he offered them to me. I'll use them on either my R60/5 or my R75/5 if I ever get around to doing a restoration on one of them. Ed and I determined that the previous owner/restorer of this bike must have been a packers fan with the green paint and gold pinstripes. Luckily the gold pinstripes were in vinyl so they have already been stripped off. I may have to find someone with a steady hand to stripe the tank and fenders in black for me.

hayley: highland fashion week ambassador

Hayley is getting so big! She is the new ambassador for the Highland Fashion week. So awesome!

t-6 wwII trainer

I mentioned that there was a warbird sitting in the hanger where Scott's shop is. After we had chatted with Scott for a while, Michael and I had the opportunity to have a seat in the T-6 trainer. How cool! Here is some info that I found out about this particular T-6:

Owner: Commemorative Air Force (CAF), Wisconsin wing 
History: SNJ -5. Naval version of the famous T-6 family of advanced WW2 trainers.Used by the Navy and Marines for advanced flying training,formation,gunnery and carrier landing qualification.This aircraft,flown by the Wisconsin Wing of the Commemorative Air Force (CAF), is unique due to it’s rare rear gunner seat and canopy.”

Saturday, March 21, 2015

dennison enterprises llc: scott dennison

Marc, Michael, and I headed over to Scott Dennison's hanger at the Waukesha airport. Once there we were greeted by a big beautiful Pullmax. I never thought I would actually see one of these in person. Scott has just about anything you would want to find in a metalshaping shop except for maybe a Yoder power hammer. It was such an honor to actually meet Scott as I've been stalking him on the internet for the last several months (since Michael found him on Facebook). We had a great time looking over all of the tooling that Scott has built. It took me back to the days when my Dad would build tools for us to complete certain tasks, and to my tool building in my own studio and made me realize that I haven't done this kind of thing for a while; this might explain my funk. Anyway, I marveled at some of the brackets and pieces Scott has been making on his MANUAL milling machine as well as the PVC forming dies for many of the complex Corsair parts. His jigs are are a thing of beauty. The 3D printed bucks were great also. I think I could just hang out here for hours up on end and just hope that some of the knowledge might seep into my wee little brain. This is the kind of place I wish I could retire to. 

Scott showed us some of the scanned Corsair drawings he has and we'll hopefully be receiving some aileron drawings from him soon. We discussed some small covers that need to be formed and I told him that I should be able to 3D machine some forming dies for him. He just sent the images to me a few minutes ago, so I'll take a stab at this in the coming days. There was just too much stuff to take in here. Scott was too kind to literally waste a few hours talking to us, so I was appreciative of his graciousness. Some other interesting folks dropped by to talk Warbirds and such so my head was spinning by the time I walked out of the hanger. Good times...