Thursday, August 21, 2014

fusion 360 to shapeoko

For future course...

goodbye sc

Well it is with a sad tone, that I write this post. I sold the Single Cab to Chris in California. This year of sabbatical (with half the normal salary) has been taxing on us financially and it just made sense to sell the SC. It was, in no way, an easy decision to part ways with it. Once I talked to Chris on the phone though, I felt a little better about the decision. His family situation sounds familiar to me and I know the SC is going to a great home. He's a die hard VW junkie for sure. 

It's honestly surprising that I have been able to protect my numerous project cars and bikes for so long. I talk to so many people who have been forced to "give up" everything they have when kids and mortgages enter into the equation, so I count myself lucky to have only a couple casualties this year; It could have been worse. Nevertheless, I am going to miss the SC. Hearing Maya say "splittie bus" used to make my day and she enjoyed riding in it. Sad day, but fond memories.

The driver that picked it up was super nice and he didn't mind as I stood around and watched him load it. I think he was tickled pink to take a ride in it from my house to his truck that was parked near the highway. I found out yesterday that it made it to Chris in CA. I hope he drives it all the time and enjoys it fully.

Maybe this will open up room in the future for a westy camper that the family can tour some National Parks in...

A guy can dream...

anodizing tank

Just an inspirational shot of an anodizing tank. I like the aeration tubes and brackets. Slick! Need to take notes for my new anodizing cart.

dust bmw


ah yeah!

drill presses

I'm diggin' these...

jeweler's bench inspiration

Just some pics pulled from the interweb that give me inspiration for my basement studio space.


My good friend Ian Bally, sent the photo above from his trip to Amsterdam. Handvaerk... alive and well in Amsterdam. 

I have not seen Ian for several years, but there is hardly a day that goes by that I don't think about him. We spent so many hours at the studio during graduate school and I have no doubt that I would not have made it through the experience without him keeping me grounded and allowing me to "vent" on numerous occasions. I think of him at the start of every new semester as he and I used to go over our projects and course calendars before we would begin teaching for the year. I always valued his opinion and I could count on him for sound advice. It's funny that when you enter into graduate school you always wonder if the school it the "right fit" or if the professors you study with will have an impact on your future. I have to say that the people I went to school with, my peers, had the largest impact on my life today. There is no doubt that I left school a better and more knowledgable person having known Ian. 

Ian, if by any chance you happen to be reading this, "thank you".

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

top chef duels: mike isabella

I turned on the TV tonight and happened to come across the new Bravo Top Chef Series called Top Chef Duels. It just so happened that Mike Isabella was one of the contestants tonight. Jill and I enjoyed seeing flashes of a pizza cutter tattoo on his arm as he worked. He ended up losing the duel tonight, but he still has a chance to win via the Knockout section with Wolfgang Puck. Mike won his first Knockout so, he'll be back at it again next week. Jill and I are pulling for him.