Saturday, November 21, 2015

autodesk fusion 360 workshop

I hosted an Autodesk Fusion 360 workshop conducted by Dan Banach of Autodesk two weeks ago in the DCRL. We had a great turnout with lots of DCRL students and faculty from UWM Architecture, UWM Theater, Shorewood high school, and area Colleges (Bryan Cera from Cardinal Stritch and Chad Bridgewater from Carthage College). Dan gave a great talk and demonstration and talked about the various programs that Autodesk has to offer. I provided pizza for the students and it was a really fun demo day. We'll have to do some more demos like this in the future.

first snow late 2015

We received our first snow of the late 2015 season last night. Liv was loving it right up until the time that her fingers got cold. It's always so fun to see the amazement in their eyes when the first snow comes.

Monday, November 16, 2015

selling my r75/5

I'm selling my white R75/5. I just need to complete some projects and I have too many two wheeled things sitting about. If anyone knows of someone who's looking please share. This bike has served me well in the last few years and I hate to see it go, but I just used the sidecar all summer and it saw little road time. It has a new sealed battery and I have a new seat cover for it (not installed). It's got the normal dings scrapes and scratches, but it's all original. It needs a new rear tire, and maybe a tune up, but it still runs great and has plenty of power; but I have to let it go.

john's triger cub

The girls have been really sick this past week with hand foot and mouth disease. Maya was starting to feel better by Saturday, but Liv felt sick Saturday night. John came over on Saturday afternoon. The weather was beautiful and it was nice to work on in the garage for a few hours. I helped John do a teardown on his Triumph Tiger Cub engine. I'm not sure why we didn't take any before photos; maybe it was because our hands were a mess with all of the sludge inside the engine. Within a few hours we were able to tear the entire engine down and we inspected all of the parts and John made an inventory of which parts needed to be replaced. On Sunday I stayed home with the sick girls and then briefly stepped out of the house so I could do a little polishing on the side covers. It's going to clean up nicely. I'll be glad to get the replacement parts so we can get this back together before my memory fails on how everything goes back together.

Sunday, November 8, 2015

grob electric motor repair

Last week I hooked up the Grob band filer to a VFD only to realize that the electric motor was locked up. The motor is mounted very low in the machine so it appeared that the basement shop had seen some flooding in the past and now things were locked up tight. I put a little penetrating oil on the mounting bolt heads and let it soak for the rest of the week. Yesterday I removed the motor and popped the casing off to find a rusted mess inside. I was able to unfreeze the commutator and then I chucked it in the lathe so I could remove the scale and rust. I was able to clean things up and put it all back together. I hooked up the VFD and the motor worked great. I reassembled and mounted the motor back in the Grob and I now have a functioning Grob filer. I'll have to snap some pics of the piece of steel I filed with it. It's so smooth and even; such a cool piece of equipment.

Saturday, November 7, 2015

ural shop bike: tool hauler

The old Ural has been earning it's keep lately as a tool hauler.

wisn12 interview and viola bow modification

Shea and Steve visited the DCRL yesterday for an interview with WISN12 news. It was so good to see them. Shea is getting so big; it's like watching my own kids get older by the minute. She played her viola and showed me the modification that Ranee made to her extra bow holder. It seems that she has increased wrist movement which allows her to maneuver the bow better. I need to start on a new version of the bow holder that incorporates Ranee's design.