Sunday, January 31, 2016

dnepr K750

Nice looking Dnepr k750 side valve.

chancellor mone

Nice medallion Chancellor Mone!

Friday, January 29, 2016

hand sizing

I helped Peter Graven and his team out with some hand fitment today. This hand is going to a 40 yr old from Belgium. Glad to be able to help!

cnc chairs

Matt Mabee, just made the set of chairs shown above to go with his table. Pretty sweet stuff! Go to his blog if you're looking for a new set of chairs. It looks like Matt has been making some improvements to the UWM Architecture RP Lab. To think this all started with a little Taig tabletop CNC mill in my studio...

jon broadfoot

I received an email from former student Jon Broadfoot today. Jon took a Intro Metals course with me and then planned on transferring to SCAD the following year. He decided to enroll in a Digital Fabrication course where he was the youngest student in the class. I taught how to build 3D printers in that course and Jon was the first student to complete his printer. Jon stuck around the next summer and worked for me in the DCRL on some various CNC projects. Jon left for SCAD and took his printer with him. Fast forward, Jon works in the rapid prototyping lab at SCAD and is about to complete his Industrial Design degree from SCAD. He just completed construction of this dual extruder Prusa i3. I'm so proud of Jon for being a "just do it" kind of guy. He'll be looking for work in the midwest when he completes his degree. Let me know if anyone wants a copy of his resume and portfolio.

faculty award

Yesterday, I received word from some students that I had received an award from the Peck School of the Arts. The email above was sent to PSOA students. Apparently there was a nomination process back in the Fall and I was nominated by a few students. It was so very kind of those students to do this.

Thursday, January 21, 2016

faculty meetings


Today was our first faculty meeting of the semester. I was amazed at the email barrage after the meeting. And it begins...

Tuesday, January 19, 2016

form1 tear down

I had to take the Form1 apart to clean the lenses on it. They had acquired quite a bit of dust and were overdue for a cleaning. It's interesting how simple the Form 1 really is. It seems well thought out in terms of it's construction and it was cool to crack it open. I need to get some new resin though. My resin must have gone past it's shelf life even though I had bottles of un-opened resin. Wonder if there is a way to "re-vive it".


hot rod

Just cleaning the hard drive today. I took a few pics when I moved the hot rod during Thanksgiving break.

grip & sculpted lever

toyota 2000gt

Doesn't get much better than this design...

The Toyota car that inspired the Datsun 240Z. Too bad it's so rare.