Sunday, October 23, 2016

industrial arts

It may seem cheesy, but if this film was updated to include digital fabrication along with all of the traditional techniques already shown, then I this would be quite contemporary. It would be awesome to update this!

Saturday, October 22, 2016

ural complaints

I headed to the studio yesterday on the Ural. It was raining and so conditions were less than optimal and halfway to the studio the Ural started running on one cylinder. I turned around and started for home after tinkering with things for a while by the side of the road. I knew that I wouldn't make up the hills on one cylinder so heading home was best. I returned home disgusted and angry, but Jill dropped me at the studio on her way. I was super disgusted with the Ural and figuring it was a major engine problem. Once I got to the studio I received this email story from Ural and then I decided I didn't have much to complain about. Go check out LeavingHomeFunktion to read more about this around the world trip on Urals. By the way, after further inspection today, it turns out I just had a fouled plug... go figure.

Wednesday, October 19, 2016

mold making

I just did a large demo in mold making in my casting class. These videos from Tested and Frank Ippolito cover most of what I covered in the class demo and then I threw in the last two videos for anyone who wants more info on doing larger casts since my casting class covers small scale objects. Frank Ippolito is someone who I follow on Instagram and I absolutely love his work and approach to making.

Friday, October 14, 2016


tsuga die

I cut a leather embossing die for Jimi at Tsuga today. I used a .02" flat square endmill. So tiny so I'm babying the Tormach a bit so I don't snap it. I am also currently cutting a stamping die to test. I tested the embossing die using a couple different techniques. The left sample was wet before stamping and the right two samples were stamped dry at different pressures using my hydraulic press. Jimi plans on using these on his handbag straps.  The strap is less that 1.25" wide so the logo has to be pretty small. I dropped these off late today, but Jimi had already left for the day.

Thursday, October 13, 2016

richard elaver

I met Richard Elaver last night. Richard is an Industrial Designer at Appalachian State University and I have been looking forward to talking to him for quite sometime. Richard studied with Gary Griffin at Cranbrook, and Gary has always been one of my Metalsmithing heros. I had followed some interesting design projects that Richard had been a part of when he was at Cranbrook working on the Alessi project. I was a big fan of that work. He also worked for Droog Design and I have always liked the work coming out of there. I believe a lot of Richards interests parallel mine, so it should be really good to get to know him and to hear more about what he is teaching. 

richard prisco

I met Richard Prisco last night. Richard is an Industrial Designer and Furniture Designer that has been teaching at Appalachian State for the last seven years. I was aware that Richard had taught courses at Penland and was aware of his furniture due to seeing the Penland course catalog at some point in the last several years. I was hoping I might be able to eventually run into him at work and last night we finally connected at the get together. Jill and I really enjoyed talking to Richard and his wife. They seem like really great people and I hope that we get to connect on some future student projects that we discussed. Richard also informed me that he was on his way to Penland to work on his new studio space. He purchased some land near Penland to build a studio. This was ironic as I had just been telling Jill that we need to buy some land near Penland so that we can retire near there and have studio space there. 

cameron van dyke

So last night I met Cameron Van Dyke. Cameron is an Industrial Designer that just started teaching at Appalachian State in the I.D. program. Clif (Art Dept Chair) and Brian Davies (I.D. Chair) organized a little get together so that professors from both Departments could connect. I was able to connect with a few other people that I've been intending to meet since arriving here (more on that later), but after talking to Cameron last night, I decided to take a look at his website today.  Last night when Jill and I were leaving, we spotted Cameron riding??/driving?? the most interesting motorized vehicle. It was quirky and strange, but I loved it. It totally made me think of Eric. I'm sitting in my studio this morning and I come across these vehicles by Cameron. They are amazing and I totally love the videos that go along with them. Something about the videos reminded me of Bryan. Anyway, it looks like Cameron would be an interesting fellow to continue conversations with. Yet another reason, I'm feeling that this move to the mountains of North Carolina was a good choice.

Tuesday, October 11, 2016

penland goodbye

We stopped by the gallery to say goodbye to Rachel. I was so happy that we could reconnect this weekend and that we could all come to visit her. We said our goodbyes and then took the kids over to the coffee shop for some special treats. Rachel had more work for sale in the shop. The kids ate their pound cake and scones and then played volleyball for a bit. Then we stopped by the visitor's center and gallery on the way out. There was a great show on exhibit there and work for sale from many familiar craft folks in the store. Seth's duck press was also there. Such a cool piece!