Thursday, July 30, 2015

scott's projects

Scott had a bunch of different things happening in the shop today. He had just completed repainting and refurbishing this ejection seat. You may notice that the seat cushion was made by a Lady Mac Corset Company; seems a little odd that they would be an Army vendor, but I guess this was the case.  Scott had some polished panels, some Corsair wing structure pieces and a helicopter panel in mid progress.  I didn't stick around long as I needed to get back and I didn't want to take up too much of his time as I know he has a lot of work to get done. Good to stop in and deliver the dies nonetheless.

scott's press

I stopped past Scott Dennison's hanger this morning to drop off the dies for the Corsair hinge caps. He's going to give them a try and see if he can test his metal forming process using these machined dies. I told him that I can cut others if need be that even include the witness marks for the mounting holes etc. once we have confirmed final part dimensions, etc. I took a look at some of the work he has in the shop as well as his new hydraulic press. I really like the modification he made to this harbor freight press. This is similar to how we use the press that we use in the DCRL except that Scott's modification have made this press a bit better for the kinds of dies that we use. I'll have to make some modifications to ours after seeing this. It should be great for some of the oversized dies that we create in our classes. I still need to make a press like his long Chalkie press

go with the flow

Tuesday, July 28, 2015

neil gershenfeld

I came across a couple interesting articles last night when I was proof-reading an article for my sister. I've been interested in the Media Lab at MIT for quite sometime and also interested in the writings of Neil Gershenfeld since I read Fab many years ago. I am always intrigued by the research and ideas surrounding his work but this first article addresses more about the problems with the education system and why big institutions "get it wrong". He is talking about the same kind of localized and applied learning and innovation that occurred in Industrial Arts programs and Craft based programs in years past. I really love his comments on distance learning and the organizational structure/chart. This article is worth spending some time with if you are an educator.

The second article outlines my thoughts on why Craft is so important and directly connected to the digital revolution. His comments on the process being about "smoothing material" resonates with me and builds the case for why I felt that the Digital Craft Research Lab needed to figure out how the digital and the analog work in tandem when I first started the lab. It also outlines the big picture when it comes to areas of study, the reasons for pursuing a course of study, and being grounded in reality. Sidenote: Mr Gershenfeld even mentions Dave Gingery who I've always idolized and shared with my students. Check out the article.

Monday, July 27, 2015

fj40 paint

Most of the FJ40 sheetmetal has been cleaning up really well. I put a little primer and color on some FJ40 parts on Friday night.


from BikeExif


love this bike!

Sunday, July 26, 2015

thunderbirds 2015

The Thunderbirds performed at this year's Milwaukee air show. They were spectacular and I think the kids loved them. I'll never forget seeing them as a kid at Scott Air Force base. I hope this year's event left a similar impact on my children.