Wednesday, October 22, 2014

hot & heavy

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Saturday, October 18, 2014

Monday, October 13, 2014

pumpkin patch 2014

We went to the pumpkin patch on Saturday afternoon. Livvie enjoyed walking the field. The kids picked some pumpkins and we got them apples and carmel apples. Good times...

laser embossing

My students have been laser cutting and engraving various materials in hopes that it might expand the kinds of things that we usually think about being laser cut. A couple weeks ago, Kaivahn and I noticed something interesting while laser engraving a leaf. The wood that we had the leaf taped to, was getting engraved since we had the power set a bit too high. We examined the wood and found that in the wood was embossed similar to how we emboss metal with a rolling mill. The veins of the leaf threw the focus off and cause the vein to be raised in the wood beneath. Interesting effect...

livvie: on the move

Livvie was in rare form last Friday night. She's been particularly easy to excite, since she started walking.

harold milbrath's tools

While I was at Erik's studio he showed me all of Harold Milbrath's old tools that Christof has loaned to him. It was so cool to see his hammers with his hallmark on them. 

erik darbo

I met Erik Darbo for lunch on Saturday. Erik was one of my students a few years ago and he now works at Flux Design here in Milwaukee. He just bought a new Honda so we talked bikes and then we rode over to his studio space in the Nut Factory. I didn't realize how close this building was to my house. It's a really great space. He had a few bikes in the space including another Honda that he may be getting rid of. Erik showed me some of the tools he has been collecting and then I headed back to the studio. It was good to see him and hear about the new things happening for him.