Friday, May 15, 2015

helping hand

karuna on cbs 58

CBS News 58 visited the DCRL a few weeks ago. Karuna and Teresa were visiting so we could look at the first trumpet holder that we had crudely put together for him to use this year in band and also we could test fit one of the recent prints to his trumpet. It was a good opportunity for me to be able to see Karuna use the first prototype and play for us so I could see his arm positioning. I asked Kaivahn to come in since he has been working on the trumpet adapter with me. Reporter Priscilla Luong had contacted me long ago to see if she could do a story on 3D printing as Matt Mabee had sent the station our way after they had visited his lab in Architecture. We finally secured a date and it worked out for all of us to meet.

Karuna is getting so big and I love how he is starting to become less shy. I also enjoyed seeing seeing Karuna move our models around in Rhino and it was great to see how quickly he learned the navigation system; I think we might have a future computer modeler in our midst. We had a great time talking with each other and discussing how we first connected last year. The day we filmed was actually fairly close to it being a year that Teresa and I had first connected. At the time I thought I was talking to someone halfway across the country. We didn't know it at the time, as we were speaking via a Google HangOut, but we live within a 25 mile radius of each other. Once we figured this out we decided to meet up and the rest is history. Even though this semester was filled with so many things that I had happening, it was nice to slow down that day and just spend time talking with Karuna and Teresa.

The CBS story will air tonight. 

kse/dcrl open studios 2014

One of my most favorite days of the year, is our Kenilworth Open Studios event that happens each Spring semester. This always brings a ton of people to our lab spaces and gives us an opportunity to share what our students are learning and creating. It also allows the students in the DCRL the opportunity to network with people and create relationships. It was good to see the older generation out in full effect and engaging in questions with us. I was on the receiving end of so many great comments and conversations about what implications our student work is having. 

I had the privilege to see many alumni this year and it was such a joy to talk to one of my former Architecture students, Caleb, who was in one of the early groups of students that worked in my studio to develop FabMeth models. Caleb was working with me when I first had the vision of creating a unique collaborative work space that fostered creativity centered around material/process and the fusion of traditional and digital craft forms. I was so glad he was able to see what his work spawned. It was very special and meaningful for him to recognize the realization of the things that we talked about so many years ago. 

I am so grateful for all of the students that paved the way for the students that I have now and the contributions that each of those early students made by creating their best work ever. They may not realize it but they started something special that continues to grow. Bryant, Matt, and Jim were three of the pioneers that started this all with me and I don't think there is a week that goes by that I don't think about them when I step into the DCRL.

laser cured powder coat on acrylic

Lionel Rocheleau is one of my lab technicians in the DCRL. This semester he was interested in doing some laser cutter investigations during his laser technician "down time". We discussed the use of powder coat with laser engraving on acrylic and he made the above samples. The piece of acrylic is first engraved with a raster pattern at standard speed/power and then powder coat power is placed on the piece and the operation is re-run but at a higher speed and lighter power. The result is a cured/fused powder on top of the acrylic. The results are really quite nice and it appears to look like colored acrylics. He also experimented with layering the powder to see what effects he could achieve. The ability to precisely "color" ares on the acrylic is so great. Lionel is going to work toward his completion of a BA in Digital Fabrication and Design. He has just completed his Art and Design First Year course work so I look forward to seeing his progress in the DCRL.