Friday, July 18, 2014

ferrari 330 P4

Simply beautiful...

wissenschaft, kentniss, and fingerspitzengef├╝hl

Doug Stowe posted the video above a few days ago along with the written info below. The video and writings were just too good, not to repost. Enjoy. 

The Germans have two words for knowledge, wissenschaft, for that which is passed along second hand from others, and kentniss for knowledge that you get from personal experience. Most scientific knowledge falls under the category wissenschaft, as it is passed along one person to another, and wissenschaft is cheaper and more efficient to convey through books and lecture than providing the opportunity to do real stuff. The only problem with it is that without kentniss, actual experience learning real skills to do real things, wissenschaft is difficult to integrate, and untrustworthy at best. 

There is another German term, fingerspitzengef├╝hl, or "fingertip knowledge" which refers to the integration of Kentniss and Wissenschaft. It comes when the foundation of one's experience is formed by doing real things. 

As Charles H. Hamm had said in the late 1800s the mind seeks the truth, but the hands find it. The education of the mind without commensurate learning in the hand is a tragic mistake.

- Doug Stowe aka Wisdom of the Hands

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Tuesday, July 15, 2014


I've always been a lover of animation. Since a child, I always loved using a pencil to bring inanimate objects to life and to transpose characters from my head onto paper. My parents always encouraged my drawing as a kid and I remember dreaming of being an animator, and as a teenager a comic book artist. Comics, newspaper comic strips, and animated cartoons and films always enthralled me. I remember my Grandma Blair always keeping newspaper clippings of the latest Family Circus daily on her refrigerator. She would talk about the characters as if she knew them first hand as she related to them as people. It was this power of the drawn form that appealed to me; that it could speak to us as humans. Alas the dreams of being an animator never came true, but it hasn't squelched the appreciation I have for those who create in this medium. Glen Keane has always been one of my favorite animators due in part to his linage that can be traced back to his father Bil Keane who penned  my Grandmother's favorite strip. Glen created many of the Disney favorites that many of us grew up with. I remember having a Disney book that mentioned him, his core personal values, along with his pencil drawings. With his career at Disney being over, it seems he is now working in new territory and I have to say his work is as impressive as ever. Watch the making of the short animation entitled "duet" and keep watching for the full short animation. Simply beautiful.

Monday, July 14, 2014

r50 seat rebuild

I started work on re-building the seat on the Slash 2 conversion Beemer. I picked up some carpet padding at Home Depot and some 3M spray adhesive and then sliced a few sheets that I could stack together. I made a template from the old seat (or at least the best I could as it is toast) and carved the foam billet. By the time I was done carving the garage looked like a few teddy bears had lost their lives, but I have the general shape I need. The slings that support the foam were kind of jacked up, so I tweaked those and tried to pull the seat frame back into square. I have a couple things that need to be welded on the frame and then I can do some finish work on the foam and fine tune the form. The new seat cover with white piping looks stellar. I really prefer the look of the solo seat on Slash 2's but you have to have a bench seat if you're going to take the whole family with you. I'll see if I can get the seat frame repaired soon, so I can start stretching the seat vinyl.

new drill press

I went over the Chad's on Saturday to get some lunch with Him and Chuck at Nite Owl. I went early to look at a drill press that Chad had for sale. I've been looking for a drill press for the garage, so he had one that was calling my name. The press is really quite large and serves as an intermediate size press between a small import and a floor model. Just perfect for most of the work I do at home. 

While I was at Chad's I  snapped some pics of his latest finds. He's collected a few toolboxes to say the least. It's amazing the pieces that he has gotten along with the stories behind them. I look forward to seeing his work take shape this next semester. 

The new press (although not as cool as his new green press) has earned it's keep this weekend. I've used it a ton already; not sure why it took me so long to get a drill press at home.