Wednesday, December 12, 2012

knives f2012

My students in my Fall 2012 Industrial Processes course made knives this semester for one of their projects. We used Cut Brooklyn as an inspiration for the first phase of the project. Students designed the knives in Rhino and then they transferred printed templates to 440C stainless steel from the New Jersey Steel Baron and got to work cutting them out. They got to break in the new Beaumont Grinders that we bought for the Digital Craft Research Lab and the students got a lot of experience grinding and shaping metal. I still haven't edited the images above as many need to be cropped and refined, but they were all asking me about the images I had taken of the work. I still have a couple more knives to shoot but this is the majority of the pieces. They are just finishing their flatware series and I'm sure they will noteworthy as well.

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