Thursday, August 13, 2015

karuna's dovetail trumpet holder

Caitlin's Enable Fellowship is wrapping up. She has been working on a trumpet holder for Karuna. She has done an amazing job with this project. 

The piece that fits on the trumpet fits so nicely. To secure the piece, it's just a matter of snapping the large plate onto the valve and then sliding a bottom piece on that locks it to the trumpet. She then designed a hand and gauntlet that have a multi-postion dovetail disc that interfaces with the trumpet dovetail. We will be able to make other attachments that interface with this dovetail. 

Karuna wants a swim fin for the dovetail hand in addition to the trumpet device. The nice thing about the trumpet component is that Karuna can leave the trumpet dovetail attached to the trumpet even while the trumpet is in his trumpet case. He is able to put on the new hand and gauntlet and then he pull out his trumpet and simply slide the trumpet onto his hand. I hope to redesign Shea's bow holder so she doesn't always have to have the bow and arm piece permanently attached to each other. It should cut down on her running it into things or it sticking out of a bag in an awkward way. 

We did a test fitting two weeks ago and it seems to work really well. Caitlin has strengthened some of the hinge pivots and she should be able to release the files on the DCRL Thingiverse page soon.

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