Sunday, September 2, 2018

real steel coe

I guess I missed my chance to own the IH COE that was in the film Real Steel. It recently sold for $35,800 on ebay. It wasn't in my price range anyway, and the rusty "props" (harbor freight 7x12 lathe and Riobi drill press) aren't my cup of tea anyway. However, I do like the spirit of the thing. Lift gate, living space, and workspace are definitely what I'm thinking about. Just needs a small Clausing knee mill or maybe even a small early round ram Bridgeport and a South Bend 9" to really look the part and really be functional. Man this would be cool to park in my driveway as a fully functional studio (just don't tell my wife; I don't think she'll like the idea).

For more on this build: go here

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