Tuesday, January 5, 2021

split hands/ detasseling

I put in a good days work yesterday. I was waiting on the girls to get off the bus at the bus-stop and I noticed my thumb hurting. It seems it split open. This time of year combined with working in the shop and my hands get to aching. It's not a bad ache though, just something to make me aware of of my hands I guess. I remember getting my first taste of this when I started detasseling corn when I was 14 years old.

I would think all of the rapid tap I've been using lately would keep things moisturized pretty well... guess it's only good for keeping them smelling like sulfur and keep a nice oily patina on my skin.

It's funny, I went found this video of kids detasseling. We never had safety glasses or face nets. I guess the safety police were bound to eventually get into the fields. She's right, a tassel will fly pretty good and I remember this being long hours, hard work, but rewarding when I'd get a check each week. The crews I worked with were a little rougher than this crew. I remember being exposed to some things I'd never seen before in my life. We picked up kids in the surrounding towns before heading North to seed corn country and some of the kids were practically homeless in some of the other towns. My crews always seemed to work later into the season too once the bad apples were weeded out, so it made for some tall corn, hot temps, but a really great income for summer work.

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