Monday, July 26, 2010

fragmented day

After arriving on campus and after walking half the way with pedal cycle in tow (I hit a giant hole and popped two tubes), I was able to continue work on the velocipede bonded sand molds. Chuck met me at school and returned the favor from last week by helping me mix sand most of the morning. We mixed about 800 lbs. of sand. It really helps to have two people so one can mix while the other person packs since there is a limited window once the resin kicks. I'll wait tonight for these to set up and then I'll flip them and make the other half tomorrow.

I turned a plug out of polypropylene rod and plastic welded it into Mark P's Stella scooter tank (Maybe this will get him back on the road) before walking to my studio. Once there, I worked on tapping holes in the various pieces of my grinder. Jill brought me some new tubes for my bike and I fixed it as well. The kids hung out in the studio for a while and then started for home to start dinner. I rode home and we chilled tonight.

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