Wednesday, August 18, 2010


I used to have a poster of an SR 71 similar to the picture just above. My cousin gave it to me with one of his old air force academy books I think (dave will probably know for sure). I used to look at that book all the time. Anyway the poster was on my wall as a kid growing up for a few years. The flight crew shot that I ran across made me think  about it. One of the coolest winged vehicles ever - that's for sure.

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Have Blue said...

"One of the coolest..." _One of_??? Superlatives alone are not sufficient to describe how incredible this plane was. Its astro-inertial navigation system would begin tracking stars in broad daylight. The time from contract award to first flight was a minuscule 22 months. Not only can it outrun a .30-06 bullet, it actually becomes more fuel efficient as it goes faster. Due to the heating/cooling cycle the aircraft undergoes from Mach 3+ flight, the airframe actually gets stronger each time as the metal is tempered. I could go on and on...