Monday, August 16, 2010

thinking - influences

Do you ever wonder what you'd be or what you'd do if you weren't influenced by everything around you? We're all impacted by the pressure that image, friends, profession, work, and life put on us. What if none of that was there? One thing is certain is that I would want to be a good husband, father, and make or work on things all day long (and possibly throw in a motorcycle ride here and there too).

When I work it gives me plenty of time to think. I've been working a lot lately and today was more of the same; cleaning up waxes, listening to music, and thinking. My family came and met me for lunch today and it was great! I was just thinking how much I appreciate them and how much joy they bring to my life. My wife and I are about to celebrate ten years of marriage and eighteen years of hanging out with each other so that has had me thinking about how great my best friend is. She's the best! I know she has probably been the single best influence on my life; She keeps me grounded. She's working out a deal to get my old BMW back. She bought me my first old cycle when we started dating and we've never looked back. Many old cycles later, lots of lots of bloody knuckles, oily messes, a few engines, mini mills and lathes on the kitchen table, a lot of late hours at the studio, endless talk about school and what students are making, and she's still tolerant.

The Beemer got me thinking about the first time I rode that bike. I got it from my Dad's machinist friend, Bob. That guy is always building something. He's a lot like my Dad and I was thinking about how work ethic, curiosity, know-how, and good old fashioned resourcefulness has been something that I have been influenced by from day one. My Dad always exhibited all of those traits as I was growing up. I'm sure they weren't things that he thought about specifically when I was a kid but they have influenced me nonetheless. Bob and Dad still make stuff all the time and are always working on fifteen things at once. Sound familiar? Thanks guys..... 

By the way, Jill....You can blame them for the way the basement looks!

Anyway, the Beemer continued to have me thinking about riding that to the studio everyday in grad school and how the institution and people I met there had both a positive and negative effect on me. I think this is when I became so self-centered (I apologize to those of you around me now). Art school has a way of turning people into narcissistic individuals who are incapable of thinking about the things that really matter. But on the positive side, I met some people there that I still consider to be some of my best friends. I don't see the two that I am thinking of enough, but when I do talk to them, I'm always drawn in by whatever they're up to. Both of these guys are just two of the the most giving people I know. I've always been a believer of quality over quantity and if you were friends with these two guys you just wouldn't need any other friends. Honestly! It was interesting that while I was working today and thinking all of the above, genius brought up some Wilco. Perfect timing! I had to throw on some Cloud Cult just to even things out.

Well these are just a few of the thoughts that ran through my head while I was working. I gotta get back to wax trimming and thoughts of studio work with some of my best friends and interspersed with breaks made up of riding an old black motorcycle surrounded by rows and rows of corn, all the while supported by my best friend in life.  

These are just a few of the people who have left an imprint and happened to run through my mind today. Thanks to all of the people who have had an influence and positive impact.

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