Saturday, December 4, 2010


Supposed to get 2-4" of the "white stuff" later today. I guess I won't be riding to the studio. And I was just getting toughened up! Maybe I should look for some traxxx....

On another note... I ordered a new Nikon today. Can't wait to get it!


arthur hash said...

dude! I NEED one of those. The traxx not the nikon. Which camera did you order? I just bought a really really nice point and shoot canon sd1400.

Frankie Flood said...

YEAH, the traxx would come in handy right now!

I ordered a D90. I really liked my D60 but wanted to be able to use older lenses without the built in motor. The D7000 would have been nice but it was just too expensive for me.

Do you like your canon? I was looking at a canon as well, but just wanted to be able to use my old lenses.

arthur hash said...

I have a Nikon d40x for my work and then the canon for quick point and shoot. The Canon does HD video. I was just curious my dad has a shit load of old nikon lenses and I was thinking about getting him just a body for Christmas. I like the d40x but yeah its sucks that the AF doesn't work.