Sunday, February 19, 2012

more zcorp fun

I've been experimenting with the zcopr printer a lot lately. I was able to get the machine cleaned up and then I worked on getting all of the covers and guards back on it after the deep cleaning session. It's all buttoned up now and ready for regular use in the lab. I decided to print several beds of parts late last night. A positive thing I hadn't anticipated with this type of machine, is the queing of multiple beds of prints that can be printed in succession. The fact that you can print several things without having to scrape them off the bed surface (like you would with a rep rap or equivalent printer) in between each bed of parts, is cool. I did 3 separate beds of prints right after another and then came back the next day and they were all contained within the build table depth. I just had to slowly excavate the various pieces as I dug my way to the bottom of the build table. This was just a matter of lifting the build table little by little as I brushed away the excess powder. I took the kids in, and Noah loved brushing the powder away to reveal the parts. He also liked blowing the excess powder off with the airbrush.


Have Blue said...

Have you attempted using the color head, or does the machine still not want to work when booted into color mode? (I'm wondering if with the latest software that mono mode can also handle color).

Very cool that you can stack parts through the entire build volume - I never even considered that! I'd have to use a whole bunch of support material on the Stratasys to pull that off.

Frankie Flood said...

I can boot in color mode now. I haven't hooked up the color cartridge/head yet. I did dig it out though, and made sure it was clean. I'll have to try it out though; maybe in the coming weeks.

To be honest, I thought I would have to mess with the printer a bunch in mono mode to get it to print decent. I can't believe how fast we were able to get this up and running. Maybe messing with the color stuff will be quick too?!

Have Blue said...

I'm equally amazed at how fast you got running in just mono mode - it was only what, 7 days ago that you got the null modem cable connected?

Glad to hear it seems to boot into color mode - I was worried that something was just messed up on that end!