Wednesday, February 15, 2012

zcorp wax infuser

The zcorp printer came with a wax infusion machine. It really is one of the best parts to have with this trio of machines. Most prints that I have seen in the past use superglue or a similar substance to solidify the part, but this can be difficult due to the porosity of the print and the amount of superglue required to seal the part. I printed the test porsche two days ago (it took less than 2 hours) and it came out well. I did get some separation of layers and I accidentally knocked off a mirror, but overall the print seems solid. I believe my cleaning solution is starting to work it's way through the lines and I am finally getting full binder. I dunked the porsche in the wax tank and it made a model that can be handled and lightly sanded if need be. I'm so glad to have the wax infusion machine as a part of the lab. I think it will be really great to use in future lost wax casting as well. I'm going to experiment with the finer powders that Rob gave me and still play with saturation levels. I'm currently printing a longer part that should be able to test some of this.

BTW, Michael made a long post about getting this machine for the lab. A big thanks to him for making it happen!


Have Blue said...

That looks fantastic! I can't believe it's already printing that well! This was such a cool project to work on.

Frankie Flood said...

I know! I can't believe it's printing. I'll try to get some pics posted of the things I'm printing right now. I hope they turn out well.

Thanks for all your help on this. It wouldn't be a reality if you hadn't have seen it, or checked it out, rented a trailer, picked it up, delivered it, and troubleshot it for me. I owe you! Let me know when you want to print something...I'll throw it on the queue.

Have Blue said...

You owe me nothing - being able to help was its own reward!

Now, we just need to get that Stratasys for you...