Thursday, December 13, 2012

3d creations d3d scanner

The guys from 3D Creations demoed their structured light 3D scanner at the presentation session two nights ago. They did a great job as well and it was impressive to see their solutions to realigning the scans. This has always been a problem on my NextEngine scanner and I had shared this with them when they came to talk to me at the start of the project. Their scan results looked really good, and the accuracy was excellent. Look here is you want more info on their scanner or their company.

Congrats Jesse, Matt, and Jing!

They also did a nice write up about the Milwaukee 3D Printing meetup's here and mentioned the first one we hosted at the Kenilworth studios. I'm hoping that we can host another one at the studio in the future if they are interested.

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jesse.depinto said...

Just wanted to share an update. We completed the 2nd prototype and posted the CAD files on Thingiverse...