Wednesday, January 2, 2013

brazing vent windows

Yesterday I worked on my vent window frames for my Single Cab. I had inadvertently painted two left side vent window frames, thinking that I had a left and a right. I had forgotten that my original right side frame had a snapped bolt for the pivot and it was in pretty nasty condition. I decided to repair the one I had rather than buy a used one. I sandblasted the paint from the bolt area on my extra left side frame and sandblasted the rust from the gnarly pivot right side frame. I fluxed the frames and then heated them so I could reflow the original brazed area and pull the pivot bolt out. Then I sandblasted the frames again to remove oxidation and excess flux and filed the good pivot bolt (from the left side frame) so that it fit snugly in the old right side frame. I set it back up and fluxed things generously and then heated and applied new brazing rod to the connection. After another round of sandblasting the old frame looks as good as new and it's ready for paint. Now maybe I can get those doors buttoned up!

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