Wednesday, February 6, 2013

dcrl thingiverse

My students in Digital Fabrication and Craft are putting their first 3D prints on the DCRL Thingiverse site. They printed their first objects last week after learning how to slice and print using a Rep Rap. They were to design a coat hook in the spirit of RepRap originator Adrian Bowyer (since he printed a coat hook for his lab jacket during the early years of the Rep Rap project) . They also had to document the process and provide their design files. Most of them just uploaded to Thingiverse yesterday and already many of them have multiple downloads. Check it out if you're looking for a hook and make sure to "follow" us.

The students are starting to build their personal printers as a way to better understand the machines and the movement that is occurring. I can't wait to see a whole classroom full of printers and the objects they design and make.

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