Monday, March 25, 2013

collaborative thinking and

I went to Paul Cantanese's panel talk at MIAD on Friday morning. I had met him the night before at the DCRL and we had a great time talking about the residency that he had done in Peoria and his book. He mentioned another panelist that I just had to meet when he and I talked. I showed up and discovered that the other panelist was Denise Bookwalter. Denise took my Intro to Jewelry and Metalsmithing course when I was a graduate student teaching at the U of I. It seems she now has tenure and is teaching at Florida State University and has recently been involved in starting a similar lab like the DCRL called FAR (Facility For Arts Research). It was great to hear about the projects that she is working on and cool to see her coming at things from the Printmaking side of things while we are doing the same from the Metals side. I hope to keep in contact with her. The other panelists were great as well. It was inspiring.

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