Monday, March 25, 2013

print:MKE 2013 part six

We had a lot of things set up in the DCRL for the conference. Michael E. and Bryan had the new drawbot set up, Jay had cut some linoleum blocks with the laser cutter, Raoul has a few of his woodcuts there, I made some free stickers and had some etching stencils set out, and artist Richard Forbes had his copper plate for top spinning set up in the fabrication lab. I think we had over 1,500 people in Kenilworth that night and I know at times I could barely move while standing in the output lab. It was crazy busy! We had the small router running, one of the 3D printers printing, vinyl cutter plotting, and Jay had his printing presses set up in the room as well. We had a great time and we met so many cool people.


raster said...

I need more info on the laser cutting linoleum! I had asked about it and was advised that laser etching it would not be a good idea... got more info?

Frankie Flood said...

It's dirty and smelly, but it works quite nicely. Our Epilog has a setting specifically for linoleum raster. We did two passes on one of the designs and one pass on another design. Jay, my grad student, had to cut some of the surrounding area away so that it wouldn't print, but that had to do more with the fact that the design was all in the center of the block.