Friday, April 26, 2013

single cab mental block

Eric came up last weekend. He helped me take the front beam out of the single cab. After getting the Porsche brakes and dropped spindles, I determined that I didn't have enough adjustment in the beam adjusters. The adjusters were perfect for stock spindles, but combined the dropped spindles, the beam adjustment was just too little. Eric helped me get over my mental block of taking the beam out and re-positioning the adjusters. He and I took the beam out, cut the welds that held the adjusters on, repositioned them and re-welded. I decided to cut the steering box frame mount while we were at it, so I could raise the box 2 inches. Someone had welded the box to the frame due to some minor frame cracks so it was actually good to be able to fix the frame and mount the box properly. I put the beam back in after Eric left and got the steering box prepped for re-welding. I tacked the frame section back in and am hoping to gusset it and fully weld it in this weekend. It'll be good to have the single cab drivable and not scrapping the box on the entrance to my driveway. Then I can get onto gate repair and painting.

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