Wednesday, July 17, 2013

fdm 2000 replacement filament

I ordered some 1.73 filament from Octave for the Stratasys FDM 2000 the other day. This filament is intended for the Up! and Afinia printers and seems to be made with high standards that allows the Stratasys to run it without jamming. The spool also has the same diameter as the spool holder on the machine, so that makes life easier (although the spool is much smaller in overall diameter than a stock FDM 2000 spool).  I loaded it up two days ago and have successfully printed several things with no issues so far. I am still using the stock support material though. I am have some issues with some "cobwebbing" of the filament, but I have a feeling that may have to do with a feed rate issue or temp settings. I get a little continued ooze after extrusion and as the carriage transverses around to different areas of the print causing little threads of filament in the negative areas of the print. I'm going to run some more tests and see if I can increase the quality of the prints by tweaking some things. I'm running a batch of parts as I type this post and have set a much lower layer height to test the results of that setting change. I'll see how they look in the morning.

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