Tuesday, August 13, 2013

flat tires and the art of motorcycle maintenance

I changed a flat tire on the R75/5 tonight. I had a flat a few weeks ago and had taken it to Milwaukee Cycle to have it changed as I inevitably puncture a tube every time I decide to repair a flat, plus I just didn't want to mess with it due to my schedule. I took it into the shop and the kid behind the counter siad he'd have it ready in short order. I picked it up later in the day, installed it on my bike and rode on it for a day or two. On my way home from work one day, I pulled into the drive and as soon as I stoipped moving and shut the bike off, I heard a leaking air sound. Bummer! I had a flat again!! I assumed that I had a loose spoke that was protruding or had picked up a nail due to the short amount of time between flats. I had a extra new tube in the garage that I found after the garage remodel and I happened to have some spare time tonight, so I thought I'd go ahead and change the tube myself. 

I took the old tube out and discovered the reason for my flat. The kid at the shop had put a 2.00-18 tube inside the tire that requires a 4.10-18 tube. No wonder it popped! I bet he had that thing aired up and stretched about as thin as possible to be able to fill out the 4.10-18 tire. I'm lucky it didn't pop at speed. I guess I learned my lesson. 

Moral of the Story: Do the maintenance yourself; that way if you die you only have yourself to blame!

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