Tuesday, August 13, 2013

summer's coming to an end

The summer is nearing it's end and I find myself reflecting on what all has transpired over the last month or two. I have been busy with some projects that I hope to post about soon. I'm working on a project for the Milwaukee Makerspace that I will hopefully be able to post about soon. I'm working on some things for Eric and his business, and of course I have been busy with the DCR&D team this summer working on various projects. For some reason it has been a difficult summer and I haven't blogged as much as I would have hoped. I'm not sure if it's the nature of the work that I have been doing or if it's just the lack of time. I haven't felt quite like my usual self and I've had difficulty feeling motivated to post. I have a feeling it might just be the fact that Jill and I have been adjusting to Olivia's birth and the adjustment that the kids have been going through. We noticed a change when we had Maya and it was most noticeable in Noah. I know that eventually things will get back to normal and hopefully I'll have some time to myself in the studio in the near future, as that always grounds me. It IS starting to sink in that this year will be different for sure. As all of my colleagues start gearing up for the new year, I find myself relaxed on this "front". I will be taking a year long sabbatical this year. I will still meet with grad students, but I will not be teaching or attending meetings (I will miss teaching but NOT the meetings). I'm am hoping to get a lot of new work completed, learn some new skills, and travel a bit. It is exciting to think about having some time off and I hope to have more to post in the near future. It will also be good to have some quality time with the family this year rather than the hectic schedule that I usually keep during the school year. Pics like the one above, of my little ladies, makes me realize what life is truly about.

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