Wednesday, September 25, 2013

1" belt grinder

I've been working on modeling this little 1" x 42" belt grinder (still need to finish modeling the belt tensioner though). I already have one of these and it's my favorite grinder. My Dad and I built it a long time ago and I've used this thing like crazy. I used it all through my grad years at U of I and I know many other people used it while I was there, including friends and students. My Dad and I have built other small grinders over the years, but this one is just always been my favorite design. Right now it lives in my home studio, but I really want one for my main studio as I sometimes want something a bit smaller for some of the contour shaping that I do. While I'm on sabbatical, I'm thinking about building a few of these little grinders to sell. The grinder is a light enough that's it's portable, but strong enough that you should be able to lean into it without damaging anything. Mine has seen a lot of abuse and it still running strong. If anyone out there is looking for a strong little grinder, drop me a note (and let me know you might be interested in purchasing one) and I'll see what it would take to bust one of these out for you. I'll determine pricing after I get a list of a few people who might be interested. If there is enough interest then I might even start to develop some attachments for it. A platen is definitely on the list of things to add, but I've been using my current one without a platen for many years. I'll create one to include with this one in the next couple of days. Personally, I'm sick of all of the new small delta and craftsman grinders that seem to break when you look at them. Our studio on campus has one, and it's nothing but a cheap piece of junk. If you're looking for a robust little grinder let me know.

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Bryan Cera said...

I want a robust little grinder!