Saturday, September 7, 2013

247 reed valve intake

Now that I have the garage looking pretty decent, I've been sorting out bike parts and organizing VW parts and such; trying to make heads or tails of all the projects and parts I have started but not finished. I figure this year will be good for doing my own work (for once) during the week and then working on projects at home during the weekend and week nights. That is, if I can keep people from dragging me into meetings (I finally had to put an auto response on my work email; it's getting out of hand already and they're only one week in).

 Today I was sorting out some things and came across this Montesa Cota 247 intake setup with reed valve induction and a Mikuni carb. Most Montesa's that I've owned used a Spanish Amal of some kind and have a straight through intake (like the first few pics above). When I was young and I had purchased my first Montesa, I used to run a Montesa website. I remembered some info that someone had sent to me long ago about this reed valve set-up, so I dug out my old info that I had archived and came across the following:

On the subject of works bikes:
Mark Thurman (COTA owner) e-mailed me and told me about the cylinder on his 247. The cylinder has reed induction and appears to have a home made reed block. The reeds sit vertical instead of horizontal like on most bikes. Curt Comer had told Mark that a man in Birmingham, AL used to do this modification. But he wasn't sure. Mark's bike also has a Mikuni carb. I have since tried to contact Mark and Curt to try and get photos of this mod. I'll do the best I can to try and locate the source of this rare find. If anyone has any information on this, or knows the individual who used to modify the Cota's, please e-mail me. 

!Update!: Mark wrote and said he was waiting on a set of rings, and that he would let us know how the bike ran with the reed. Stay tuned for info. and hopefully pictures. As for Curt he wrote and said he was in the process of moving, but he will be sure to find us some interesting photos and stories for the page. He said, briefly, that Montesa messed with a reed valve, but the Cota's were already good enough!! He also mentioned a supercharger that the factory experimented with on a Cota.

Anyway, if anyone out there that's into old Spanish motorcycles and trials knows anymore about who made these and further details about this, I'd appreciate it. 

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