Tuesday, September 10, 2013

3d scanning turntable

Chad Bridgewater is one of our grad students in Metals at UWM. He was active with the DCR&D group this summer and is continuing his own work this semester. Chad just finished building a turntable for doing some large 3D scans. Nothing like being resourceful. Check out his blog for more of his projects.

I used a drive shaft from a 1981 Suzuki 650, some angle iron and other scrap sitting around. I spent no money and just picked from my inventory of stuff. You can use a drill or turn by hand with no more effort than twisting a screwdriver. 

-Chad Bridgewater


dorkpunch said...

That's a pretty cool idea. I had a thought though- would the shaft off of a weed eater work? Lots cheaper and probably super easy to find in junkyards, but no reduction so your motor would have to spin pretty slow.

Frankie Flood said...

Well the reduction might not be a big deal if you use the weed eater. Chad told me that he even has to run the drill really slow with the motorcycle diff.

It would be interesting to see it is would work.