Monday, September 9, 2013

cota 123 painted frame

We decided to paint Noah's frame this past weekend. I stripped it down to bare metal as there was some bad rust setting in where the paint had chipped off. I think they must have dipped these frames in lacquer and then baked them, because the paint was really thick in the weld seam areas and it was tough to get off. We went with paint rather than powder coat as I figure he'll ding it up as he learns to ride and it'll be a bit easier to touch up the paint versus the powder. I've done frames both ways and powder is really nice, but I figure this is just a simple dirt bike and not a concours restoration. Besides, he got to help spray it and the spray cans made their first impression on his young mind. Hope I didn't start something I'll regret in a few years. He also decided that it would be a good time to make a target for him to practice his pitching. So we stenciled a leftover piece of drywall with a red square and a primer grey center for him to throw against. I didn't get much help with the frame once the paint had dried on the target; imagine that... I just finished clear coating it tonight and maybe we can start to put some of our polished parts back on it in a couple days.

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