Saturday, September 14, 2013

hy-tec powder coating

I stopped at the powder coater to pick up some pieces for the Research Foundation sign yesterday. I highly recommend doing business with Hy-Tec powder coating. Matt had introduced me to them, as he takes all of his steel furniture work there to be coated. I had called out at the end of a business day and the guy on the phone said that he was willing to wait for me until I could get out to Waukesha around 5:00pm. This was the middle of the week and I told them what I needed for the various pieces of the sign and that my deadline was coming up quick. Jared was willing to do all of the small letters and pieces (many pieces needed different colors-which is a pain to do since they tend to do mainly production work with standard colors), not to mention he was super helpful. He told me they wouldn't have the job completed until this week. But, after talking a bit and me telling him about the project, he said that he would try to get things to me before the weekend so I would have time to assemble. He called yesterday (Friday) and said things were ready for pick-up, so I went back out to pick things up. The pieces looked great and they were generous on the price as I know this job required a lot of work to make it happen in this short time frame. I really enjoyed chatting with Jared as he reminds me of the kind of people from my home town (honest and hard working). It's refreshing to do business with people who are actually concerned about the quality of their work and how it will effect the customer's job. Anyway, I was super pleased.

Like I said, if you need something powder coated, check them out. They have blasting and prep capabilities and can coat and cure super large things. I was an honor to do business with them. Thanks to Matt for the tip about the place.

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