Saturday, September 14, 2013

research foundation: clamp assembly

Almost finished... finally. This has been the never ending project. 

The Research Foundation asked me to design and create some unique clamps to hold their research boards that track the IP of various professors on campus. They also asked for a sign with smaller matching clamps. I started the project, made a prototype or two and then they started a remodel on their offices, so things were up in the air for a while. Then when they got back in touch, I was swamped with things at school and it continued that way up until a few weeks ago. I've been back at it for the last few weeks trying to get this wrapped up. I've spent the last few days in front of the buffer. Luckily, it's one of my favorite places to be. Here's a step by step of the assembly of one of the clamps. My McMaster brass is a different alloy than my Speedy Metals brass, so I need to re-make the pivot pin and washer so it matches the more yellow pieces of brass. I have three more of the clamps that I've made and I just need to do some masking so I can sandblast and then I can assemble. Need to have these completed this week.

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