Saturday, September 28, 2013

robotic metalshaping

As usual, there are always interesting things happening in the realm of Architecture. I always feel like people in Architecture seem to be early adopters of whatever new ideas might be out there. I'm not sure why that is; or maybe I just happen to be really interested in Architecture's natural and logical integration of material, process, and function. For some reason they embrace their past and feel no problems with moving forward at the same time. Anyway, Matt had posted something about the poster above and a couple of small shots of what the idea was, but that just wasn't enough for me to fully take in what was happening here. I went searching the interweb last night for more info. I came across the following with some more detailed pics, but not much more than this. Looks similar to some of the Fabrication Methodologies stuff we used to teach at UWM, but on "Robotic Arm Steroids". This makes me miss that course, but there's no reason a person couldn't build a CNC machine that uses something similar to what Suqi created in the diagrams above. Reminds me of the helve hammers that I used to look at when I was really into all things metalshaping. Can you imagine a robotic arm raising a vessel like we do in our traditional metalforming classes that us Metalsmiths teach? Now couple that with parametric designs using Grasshopper and you've got something radical. I like this as an alternative to incremental forming. So much to learn and do; when will things slow down?!

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