Tuesday, September 3, 2013

tree frogs and hairspray

I brought my Prusa i3 home from the studio on Sunday and Noah and I set up a tree frog from Thingiverse to print. We did a fairly large layer height so that it would print quickly, but we were curious to see how the front legs joined with the rear since we were printing with no support. We also decided to try out the "hairspray trick" on getting the ABS filament to stick better to the Kapton tape. We just sprayed a light mist of hairspray on the bed while it was starting to warm up. We're happy to report that it works amazingly well. The print was stuck really well during the print process and even quite well after the bed had cooled down. I had to really tug on the print to get it to release. We'll be using this technique in the future for sure.

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