Tuesday, October 15, 2013

autodesk 3d print utility

Aaron just sent me some info about an Autodesk 3D Printing utility that works with Makerbot and told me I might want to check it out. I downloaded it just a few minutes ago and here are my initial thoughts. At first I thought it was going to be just like the Makerbot software, but now that I have a file open, I see that it's quite a bit different. It shows supports which is a cool feature. It also makes auto repairs to the stl as it opens the file. When I go to print though, it just opens the repaired file in the Makerbot software. Then you have to go ahead and slice the model in the Makerbot software. I think this software might take the place of Netfab. The hollow feature and thicken feature might be useful in the future. You can see from the screen shots above that Emily's bull needed several repairs, whereas Aaron's scanner part needed none. You can also see the list of printers (or rather printer software) that the Autodesk repair software is compatible with.

I'll look more at it later tonight though and report back if I find additional features worth noting.

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