Thursday, October 10, 2013

wisconsin manufacturing & technology show

I went to the Wisconsin Manufacturing & Technology show this morning. I got busted taking pictures early on, so I apologize for not having many cool pics to show, but I did meet some interesting people and made plenty of connections that I will be following up on. The show featured many machine tool manufactures, fabrication equipment resellers, abrasives companies, finishers, software resellers, and some 3D scanning and printing companies.. I talked to representatives from Haas, Central 3D Systems, Plastics International, Alro Steel, Epilog, DelCAM, and BL 3Dimension Corp. The new Haas multi axis milling machine was amazing. I stood and watched it machine a fully 3D part from a large chuck of aluminum and was utterly blown away by it.  I think this event will yield some really good relationships for the future. I'm definitely going to sift through all of the promo materials and freebies for the next few days.


Eric Larson said...

LOVE that hardinge lathe. (same one gene has) i really want a turret hardinge that's actually dialed in!

Have Blue said...

I can only agree with Eric - seeing a nice Hardinge makes me all tingly!

Glad you got to spend a little time checking out the various machine tools - I didn't want to take too much time away from work, so I kind of did a speed run through the show Wednesday morning... More 3D printers than ever, I noticed!