Sunday, November 17, 2013

mark's giant 3d printers

Mark Rehorst (aka Digital Dentist) was one of the M-Makerspace members that took the anodizing workshop on Saturday. While we were waiting for some parts in the sulphuric bath, he took the time to share his new printer build with me. It's made from a pre existing machine that he found. He had already built the giant mega "mendel max like" machine that you see printing above. It was working on building a giant print while we were there. He told me that he is having difficulty with the extruder jamming due to the long print times that he is running the printer for. Some of his prints might take 30 hours or more. He also informed about some software that can take CT scans and compile them into a model that can be exported to stl. The software is ironically enough called Slicer (not Slic3r like what we use for preparing stls for printing). From what Mark told me, it can recognize bone tissue density. It can also recognize a multitude of medical scanning device data formats. He is working on printing full scale human skull prints from scans that he had done. It's pretty amazing what he's been able to build and I'm anxious to try out the Slicer software.

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