Monday, December 23, 2013

scanner: sealed and functioning

We stuffed the scanner battery into the case, routed wires, and tidied up the electronics section of the case. I had to cut down the bracket for the scanner battery mount and shorten the studs as we had originally planned to use taller battery packs. I cut some pure gum rubber gaskets on the laser cutter for the access panel and the rear window. Cherise had purchased a marine grade adhesive that we used to seal/attach the top acrylic panel. I torqued the lid down and watched the adhesive push out around the seam. Cherise and I decided that it might be best to just let the adhesive dry and then come back and trim it. I stippled a power symbol into the case outside just over the location where the hall effect sensor is mounted inside the case and then a small circle where the 300 dpi scan hall effect board is located. We decided we were done and that I would come back and trim the glue in the morning. She left and I was packing up and after thinking about having to come in early, I decided to stay and clean up my studio a bit and then I could trim the glue. I knew I wouldn't be able to sleep if I didn't get some closure from this. I ran some test to make sure everything still worked and then dropped the scanner in Nathaniel's studio for him to be able to take on the plane to Florid today. He will be diving in the Florida Keys and doing test scans of coral reef formations. The scanner is now out of my hands! I hope all goes well!

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