Saturday, December 7, 2013

uwm design entrepreneur showcase 2013

I stopped by the UWM Design Entrepreneur Showcase on Friday night before I went home. I was able to see the completed displays and had a chance to see some student work and chat with my SURF student John McGeen about his Seed&Sow app. He did a great job pitching his project and it was good to see the work that he had put into his project as well the work he had done with organizing and creating the class website. The display looked good although there was a minute amount of swaying of the display due to the cables not being spread enough at the grid and the number of people moving against and handling things. I went back the next day and took some pics after all was said and done. I actually think things looked better without all of the clutter of electrical cables (tapped to the floor), supplemental materials, computers, additional tables at the ends of each aisle, etc., so I was happy to get some simple shots of the display. The use if the track lighting would have been nice to see (since there are tracks built into the grid system); too bad they didn't do this for the show. All in all, it was a good experience building the display and this will be sure to serve me well, when I start doing some digital fabrication and design exhibits in the future. 

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