Saturday, January 11, 2014

al scanner covers

I made some new covers from aluminum last week for Nathaniel and the SCUBA scanner. It seems he cracked the acrylic ones when he was putting them back on. I guess he overtightened them. I had had reservations about using acrylic, but lexan was out of his budget. Oh well, the aluminum ones shouldn't crack! His student group is going to phase two of this project. I told him yesterday that I will not be able to go any further with them, but will help as a consultant if need be. I just have too many other things that I should be doing and many things that I feel called to work on. 


raster said...

For a moment today I actually though "Hey, we can ask Frankie" but then I thought about it, and you're doing way more important stuff right now. :)

Frankie Flood said...

What were you going to ask? I might still have time! Is it about the CNC plasma being built at the space?