Thursday, January 16, 2014

mach 3 3d printing add-on

Here's a great little wizard for Mach 3 that allows you to slice (using Slic3r) and then run gcode all inside of Mach3. You can get more info and download the add-on wizard there. I think this might come in handy someday.

Installation Notes:
- Please download the setup1.3.exe and install (may request administrator privilege. The user name and password is your own administrator user name and password)
- It includes Slic3r inside (
- It requires a Windows machine running .net Framework. You can download the .net Framework yourself here).
- You can change Slic3r settings by editing “gnexlab_config.ini” Which is inside Slic3r directory. You can also open it with Slic3r.exe in order to modify it. Do not forget to save it on the “gnexlab_config.ini” file.

Tested on winXP and Win7 systems.

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