Saturday, February 8, 2014

prosthetic hand: milwaukee prt.12 (shea's beast hand)

I took some shots of Shea's completed Beast hand. Her first fabricated hand is a stock beast palm with scaled fingers, and a Beast gauntlet with Ivan's tensioner grafted on (thanks to Ivan for making/combining this). I haven't decided if I am going to plasti-dip the fingers or not, but thought it best to take some images before making that decision. 

I hope Shea likes the hand as we'll see her tomorrow (Sat.).  I'm going to wait and publish this post after her visit as I want to surprise her with her first look at the new hand.

Thanks to Jon and everyone at e-Nable, Jorge, and Ivan for sharing and for being so willing to help. Also Bob, David, Peregrine, Gregg, Nick, Francisco, and Peter have been a HUGE inspiration with their work and input. I'd also like to thank Pete and the members at Milwaukee Makerspace who donated money towards the materials for Shea's hands. 

We still have a lot of development and work that we'd like to do with Shea and other children who would like to participate in this amazing project, but this is an exciting first step towards providing Shea with a hand and getting her feedback. Thanks to Shea and her parents, Ranee and Steven, for their willingness to share their time and input with us. We can't thank you enough!

Sidenote: Shea came this morning along with her parents and aunt to do a test fit with the hand above. Unfortunately, it's tight due to the thick foam I used and Shea's partial thumb which I thought would curl under a bit more than it did. No worries though, we'll just enlarge and modify the hand design a bit and we'll see Shea again this Thursday when her class comes to visit our lab. I hope to be able to have another hand for her to try by then. I'll post more on her visit soon.


raster said...

Frankie, this is truly amazing. Thanks so much for doing this. It's touching to see "making" turned into helping others in such a way.

Frankie Flood said...

Thanks Pete!!! Thanks again for making all of the connections!