Saturday, February 8, 2014

prosthetic hand: milwaukee prt.17 (fitting the beast)

You can see here where some of our fitments issues come from. No worries, though, we'll make it fit better on the next one. You can see that this didn't stop Shea from taking things for a test run. We learned so much from today's visit.


Unknown said...

Frankie, This is so cool! Nice work!

Crockett Motor Works (CMW) said...

This is so awesome. I was inspired by your work with Shea. I was recently in Kenya and I met a man who lost his hand in a large press. unfortunately he does not have a wrist. But he can move his for arm. I was just wondering if it would be possible to modify the way it works so that it could work with with the motion of his for-arm to open and close the hand? Please let me know if you can share the source code. We have a 3D printer? Thanks again! Bart

Frankie Flood said...

Hi Bart,

Thanks for your message. There are people who are working on creating hands for people with no wrist. I am a member of a Google+ Community and there is a lot of activity there on this. In fact you can find all files there for downloading and printing the hands.

Also, the hands are on Thingiverse.So you can download there also.

Thanks again for your message.