Friday, February 7, 2014

prusa i3

I'm finally feeling better. I'm not sure exactly sure if I had pneumonia or just bronchitis, but whatever it was, it had me down and out for a week. I feel like I'm back on my feet now. I went to the doctor today for a check-up and all was well. I am wrapping up things on one of Shea's hands today, but thought I would upload some pics of some of the things I attempted to do while I was sick. The picture above is from a full plate of Prusa i3 parts that I printed at once on my Makerbot. I gave my nephew, Drew my old Prusa i3 so it's time for me to replace that particular model of machine. Figured I'd get started on the printed parts while I was laid up in bed. The Makerbot does a stellar job of printing large trays of parts. I always had big problems with printing large parts on my Rep Rap based machines so this is a welcome advantage to using the Makerbot.

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