Monday, March 10, 2014

karuna's visit to the dcrl

Today Karuna came to the Digital Craft Research Lab with his mother, Teresa, to get some advice on putting a hand together. I wanted to surprise Karuna with a hand, so my wife, Jill, and I stayed up late and put a hand together for him. We showed Karuna and his family around the lab, showed them how our laser cutter works by engraving his name into some closed cell foam that we lined the inside of his gauntlet with. Karuna was able to bend his fingers, but he wasn't quite able to close the hand all the way. I discovered that I need to reinforce the gauntlet I designed, as it cracked right before Karuna left the lab. Scaling down to his small size made portions of the gauntlet a bit too thin. No worries, though as I have another one printing and have already made adjustments to the model which I will upload to Thingiverse soon.

It was so good to meet Karuna's family and I look forward to hearing more from Teresa about his progress with the hand.

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