Wednesday, March 12, 2014

medallion paperweights

I just had some pieces printed through Shapeways. I'm making these for the UWM Chancellor's office, for them to present as gifts to special individuals. These were obviously inspired by the Chancellor's medallion that Bryan, Rachel, Erik and I created. The new design is intended to be a commemorative paperweight. Recipients will receive a laser engraved gift box that contains the paperweight with engraved acrylic back and a signed card from the Chancellor that contains an excerpt from the Chancellor's inauguration speech (that talks about the significance of the original medallion), a section about the creation of the paperweight, and an artist bio. Two of my students, Joe Massanisso and Alissa Fedor, have been working on the design of the card and box. I had these printed in Shapeway's "gold steel". This is a 3D printed stainless steel powder that is infused with bronze. 

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