Monday, March 3, 2014

new cyborg beast gauntlet

I just posted this gauntlet design on Thingiverse. I made this gauntlet in response to Jorge's Cyborg Beast Gauntlet ( as the angular inside shape was not super comfortable for Shea even with the foam in place. I'm also wondering if having two sets of straps and longer length will help Shea to not get fatigued as quickly, as she uses her hand. This gauntlet has Ivan and David's 5 slot tensioner ( fused onto the top of it. The gauntlet goes a bit farther up the arm and has room for two velcro straps. I used four short pieces of velcro with the soft side "in". I might sew the straps once they are looped through the built in slots, but for now I just leather punched holes into them and then used shortened Chicago screws (shortened with a jewelers saw) as "rivets" to hold the loops tight. I will need to tighten up the loops a bit as right now they have a lot of slack in the loop. I lined the inside of the gauntlet with 5mm thick foam, but will switch to prosthetic and splint friendly foam on the next one, as it should be waterproof. I am also printing a purple gauntlet at the moment in case Shea wants the two sections to match in color. I am going to try this gauntlet with Jorge's beast palm and fingers on Shea's next hand. This hand will have a bit more room for Shea so hopefully we won't need to worry about any rubbing this time. I still need to clean up the fingers and then I should be able to string this up in the next few days.

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