Wednesday, March 26, 2014

paperweight boxes

The Chancellor's Office mentioned that they would be needing a box for each of the paperweights that I will be creating for them. I thought abut building a box, but the time and money it would take, just didn't seem right. I purchased a finished box and then decided that I would laser engrave the Chancellor's Seal into the top of the box. Yesterday, I ran a few tests to make sure I had my placement right and then ran the real deal. The varnish on the box creates a lot of dust and residue over the box while I'm cutting, so I might cover the area with blue painters tape in hopes that the clean-up it a bit easier. I might increase the outer ring thickness a bit, but overall it came out great. I still need to create the inner liner for the paperweight to sit in, but should be able to do that this week.

1 comment:

raster said...

Looks good! If you still have that large roll of transfer tape for the vinyl would that be easier that blue tape?

I've also heard you can lay a piece of wet newsprint on top, but I've not tried that method.

Did you fatten up the thin lines in the serif fonts? I've found that I've needed to to that for some smaller lettering.