Monday, March 10, 2014

velcro for new gauntlet

I worked on the velcro closure system on the gauntlet I designed. I took +Peter Binkley's advice and just went with a single piece of velcro for the strap. The pictures illustrate the method. I folded one piece of the strap over so that the soft side overlaps itself at least half of the width of the gauntlet (this will allow for something to "stick to" when the excess strap is threaded through the other side of the gauntlet and wrapped back over. I made some crude stitches (please ignore my crummy sewing technique) where the piece folds over itself on the one side of the gauntlet. One stitch is near the slot in the gauntlet and one near the other end of the velcro to keep it in place. I did put a small piece of velcro over the stitches that were knotted on the inside of the strap so  the knots wouldn't irritate the skin. You can see in the last photo how the strap is finally secured to the flap that was sewn in place. This seems to work well. I'll get the closed cell foam glued in place on the interior of the gauntlet and see how everything fits tomorrow.

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