Wednesday, April 9, 2014

hayley's hand/ beast re-model

I've been busy making a hand for a young girl, named Hayley, from Inverness, Scotland. For her hand I decided to take the Beast palm and design it from the ground up. I had some issues previously with the old stl files and it was really good to just be able to start with a clean model that I could modify as I see fit and then create stl files from it rather than trying to piece or patch things together from the stl. This will allow me to release the original files as well in case someone wants to work with the separate solids rather than the stl files. I also decided to fit the Talon fingers to this palm. I know this creates just another hybrid, but a really wanted to be able to use the printed pins for the joints to save on hardware. The palm differs from Jorge's design in that is has no venting holes and I smoothed the outside of the hand to remove the undulations. I also thickened and lengthened the thumb proximal "stop" as I had one of these break on Karuna's hand (which was scaled quite small to his size). I just printed a small test pieces for the palm and fingers and everything seems like it fits well. I have a bit more testing and fiddling to do and then I'll be ready to release the files to anyone who might be interested. It's difficult to make hands for people in need and get them out to them in time, and still develop ideas that I have. I feel like I have to develop on each hand that I make to be able to work through ideas and make adjustments, but this delays the timeframe of receiving a hand. So sorry for the delay Hayley.

In the mean time, I'll finish up Hayley's hand and then get started on Weston's hand. 

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