Thursday, April 24, 2014

hayley's hand

I completed a hand for Hayley in Inverness, Scotland today. It's on it's way to her now. Her father David contacted me after Hayley saw Shea's "Star Gauntlet". She wanted a hand just like Shea's, so I printed this hand for her. It has a modified Beast "remix" palm that I designed from the ground up. I smoothed the top of the palm section and by building it from scratch I eliminated many of the non manifold problem areas in the original stl files. I reinforced the thumb area, as Karuna had his break in the "stop" area on his palm section. I also adapted the Talon proximal so they would work with the new palm. This required a boolean difference in order to get them to seat nicely against their stops. The finger tips themselves are left un modified from Peter Binkley's files. The thumb base has also been dramatically reinforced. As mentioned before, the hex tensioner pins are made from aluminum to prevent stripping. I really hope Hayley likes it. I look forward to seeing what she can do with it.

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