Thursday, April 24, 2014

john michael kohler arts center: arts / industry

We went to the John Michael Kohler Arts Center for Easter. There is a exhibition called Arts/Industry: Collaboration and Revelation. I have always had a deep appreciation for the work at Kohler since touring the factory and witnessing the Artist Residency program when I was in graduate school. Seeing a factory recognize the importance of industry and creativity and how they can coalesce on the factory floor was amazing; especially since I feel that much of my inspiration comes from my "factory upbringing". You will find no better place than a factory to temper your understanding of labor, material, process, and the value of the "worker" and the objects they create. I am glad to see Kohler is still recognizing the importance of this program. The work in the exhibition was celebrating the work that has been made in this program since its inception. I saw several familiar names and pieces. I believe this is one of the best exhibitions that I have seen in a while. Definitely worth a look.

Traveling up to the Arts Center is something we always enjoy doing as a family from time to time. We took some family pics outside the John Michael Kohler Arts Center for Easter.

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