Friday, April 25, 2014

prosthesis comparison

Jeremy Simon just released an interesting video. This video is getting quite a bit of traction. This will be good for the e-NABLE group and it's expanding the membership. It's cool to see Jose using my short gauntlet design; glad to hear it's working well for him. I think this kind of feedback as well as more in depth analysis is really what is necessary right now. There has been a lot of organizational development in the group in an attempt to figure out how to get devices in the hands of users, but I think the same kind of tenacity is needed in the development of design and research of the devices. There are just too many unknowns right now in the designs we are building and so many places to make improvements. What is critical right now is user feedback. I personally think that we could collectively design a better device than what I am currently building for users. I suppose once we have more users, we get that critical feedback. For now, I'll just attempt to make make small improvements that I can implement slowly in the hands I make.

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