Wednesday, April 16, 2014

solaris: steel velcro roller

Emily had contacted me about helping her to build a tool for her job at Solaris. They wanted a specific tool to test the velcro that they use in producing their compression wraps. We had the technical drawing shown above to go off of. She came by the studio and I helped her spec the necessary materials so she could order what she needed. On Monday, she came by again with the materials and we set to work making the roller tool. The testing materials stated that we needed to have the complete roller weigh in at 11 lbs. with a .25 lbs. variance. She did the layout and hole drilling of the frame, I threaded the frame parts, we pressed the bushings in the frame, I turned a slug and pressed it into the tube handle, faced it, drilled, and threaded it, I turned the axle shaft ends to fit the bushings. I turned the 4.75 diameter chunk of steel down to the proper width and then dusted the outer diameter surface to assure that it was smooth. We put everything together and then weighed the tool and it was at 12 lbs. even. This meant that I had to turn .5 lbs. off each side of the roller wheel section. The turning actually went pretty quickly and we were able to get everything built to spec. She emailed today and said Solaris was pleased and that they are thinking of buying a lathe. Go figure...

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