Monday, May 5, 2014


I don't use my phone to talk to people much as I'm used to just using email for everything these days. Personally, I don't like talking on the phone that much. That said, there are three people I still use the phone to communicate with: my Mom, my Dad, and Eric (Jill and I see each other everyday so no need to talk to her on the phone anymore).  And when I do talk to one of them it tends to be a very long conversation. I talked to my parents and to Eric tonight. I think maybe this was the longest Eric and I had gone without talking to each other; we've just been too busy. We chatted for over an hour; so much to catch up on...  

Sounds like he's been a busy fella. We compared notes on: life, business, making stuff, organizing stuff, motorcycles, and VW's. 

Our conversation had me thinking of wheels. Just came across the shot above on one of my favorite blogs after finishing up a couple of syllabi that have to go up for approval. Gotta love working on the weekend especially when your supposed to be on sabbatical. Might have to start looking for a new job...


Crockett Motor Works (CMW) said...

Awesome picture. What is the VW blog? My family just found a cool 65 11 window we are looking at getting. It will be a family project.

Frankie Flood said...

WOW. An 11 window. That's cool. I actually have a dream of owning a bus so I can take the family camping in it. My single cab is just too small.

This image came from LeContainer; which is not solely VW based.

I frequently scan the samba though for images if you're looking for inspiration.

Let me know if you pass on the 11 window. I would be interested if you're not.